January 28, 2016

The Energy Department has announced the 2016 Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Phase I Release 1 Awards, including four projects focused on durable and inexpensive polymer electrolyte membranes (PEM) for transportation and stationary fuel cell applications. These projects are awarded through the Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

Award winners are:

  • NanoSonic Inc., of Virginia, will develop and demonstrate high-temperature, hydrocarbon-based membranes that meet the chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties necessary to qualify for the demanding environments that exist within a fuel cell vehicle’s lifetime.
  • NEI Corporation, of New Jersey, will develop a novel PEM, using highly proton-conducting heteropolyacids in an organic matrix in a novel way.
  • Amsen Technologies LLC, of Arizona, will develop a new low-cost, proton-conducting membrane for intermediate-temperature fuel cells based on a novel composite approach, which encompasses both the development of new, highly proton-conducting ionomers and the integration of an innovative membrane support.
  • Giner Inc., of Massachusetts, will develop novel hydrocarbon-based ionomeric membranes with high conductivity and mechanical strength for use in high-temperature fuel cell applications.

Learn more about the Energy Department's broader efforts to develop affordable, efficient fuel cell and hydrogen technologies on EERE's Hydrogen and Fuel Cells page. Other information can be found on the SBIR/STTR Funding Opportunity Announcements website.

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