May 05, 2014

Some 7 MW ofFuelCell Energypower plants are to be installed in-and-around Bridgeport, Conn.

One 2.8 MW DFC3000 fuel cell power plant (model, pictured) is to be installed in Bridgeport as part of a distributed renewable power generation project that also includes a solar array. A second, identical plant, is to be located within utility United Illumination’s service territory at a site to be named in the next 30 days.

FuelCell Energy will install the power plants and operate and maintain them for 20 years under long term service agreements. The plants are expected to be operational in early 2015.

A third, 1.4 MW plant is to be installed at the University of Bridgeport. This plant will supply nearly 80 percent of the campus power needs and operate as a micro-grid, capable of operating independently from the electric grid.

The University will benefit from the plant’s combined heat and power capabilities as the same unit of fuel generates both ultra-clean power and usable high quality heat. The heat will be used to generate hot water for heating the University recreation center, a dormitory and campus apartments.

The university project is part of the state of Connecticut’s Low-emission Renewable Energy Credit program.

FuelCell Energy expects to showcase its tri-generation capabilities of a Direct FuelCell power plantfor industrial applications at its own manufacturing plant later this year, the company announced in March. The company said it will further develop the on-site distributed hydrogen generation market with a $2.8 million continuation of an award from the Energy Department’s Advanced Manufacturing Office.

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