Fuel Cell Challenge

Fuel Cell Challenge 2015



This year's challenge is looking to fund opportunities to deploy fuel cell backup power systems within the Midlands of South Carolina. It is a unique opportunity to access a clean, green source of backup power for a heavily reduced cost to your organization.

For a small investment, you can partner with the Fuel Cell Collaborative (FCC) to install a fuel cell unit at your facility, integrate it into your critical electric loads, and leverage the reliability of this of this proven technology. Fuel cell backup power systems have been used commercially for a wide variety of applications, but work best in the 1-4 kW power range for protecting against power outages to critical equipment for 8 hours or more.

As part of the selection process, interested parties will be required to complete the following submission form in order to provide a sufficient executive summary of your company and your ability to deploy fuel cells at your site. The submission form covers both programmatic and technical details to help the FCC evaluate opportunities and identify optimum alignment between the fuel cell system design and the specific end use application being proposed.


Ft. Jackson endorsement (fuel cell units previously installed at the U.S. Army Training Center)

“I believe in green technology applications that are both economically viable and environmentally sound. The fuel cells installed at Ft. Jackson fit those categories. I did not hesitate to nominate the installation and take great pride that we actually won the award, which shows recognition of our commitment by the community.” --Jesus RosaVelez, Director of Information Management, Ft. Jackson upon winning the Palmetto Pillar Award for Green Technology


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