The Fuel Cell Collaborative has access to some of the world’s leading innovators and researchers in Columbia, S.C. Working with its partners, the Fuel Cell Collaborative creates collaborations and relationships that bring the tools and resources necessary to maintain our status as a world-class fuel cell community.


The University of South Carolina works with the Fuel Cell Collaborative to offer access to innovators through:

  • Research experts at the College of Engineering & Computing

  • SmartState Catalysis for Renewable Fuels Center

  • Upcoming SmartState Hydrogen Economy Center

  • SmartState Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Center


The Innovista Innovation District is a physical campus covering 500 acres in the heart of downtown Columbia designed to be office, laboratory, home, playground and community to technology and innovation focused entrepreneurs, business and start-up companies. Anchored by the nationally recognized research strength of the University of South Carolina, the Innovation District is a community that provides exclusive access to a skilled workforce, groundbreaking research, strategic partnerships and more.